10 Startups in Asia That Caught Our Eye


Here’s our newest weekly list featuring a bunch of hot startups from all over Asia. For tips and stories suggestions, feel free to email us. Alternatively, you can send tips here and/or tell us about your startup here. Enjoy this week’s list:

1. Maskool | Indonesia

Maskool.in is an Indonesian men’s fashion e-commerce website with locally-made products that ship for free to customers in the country. This e-tailer startup recently received funding from Indonesian venture capital firm Grupara.

2. Teknoup | Indonesia

Indonesian gadget review and e-commerce site TeknoUp announced this Friday that it now accepts payment by credit card, which is an all-too-rare development on the country’s shopping sites.

3. Appconomy | China

Sino-US startup Appconomy launched a service called Zhangyingbao to help merchants on China’s seminal e-commerce site Taobao to create a native mobile app for their online stores.

4. Nulisbuku | Indonesia

NulisBuku, branded as a print-on-demand publisher, was launched back in October 2010 to help users publish and sell their books quickly.

5. ACproperty | Australia

Australia-based ACproperty was launched officially in June 2012 as a property listings portal aimed at mainland Chinese and overseas Chinese property buyers.

6. Departedlife | India

The India-based startup Creative Nature’s DepartedLife project calls itself “the world’s first social networking site for departed souls.” We just had to take a look at this.

7. SnapTee | Hong Kong

SnapTee is a fashion e-commerce startup from Hong Kong, which has an iPhone app where users can customize and create their own T-shirts – then get the finished garment delivered to their door anywhere in the world. This week, the startup attracted some useful seed funding.

8. ChatWork | Japan

Japan’s ChatWork is an easy-to-use business communication and collaboration platform, sort of like Yammer. It turned two years old this week and has revealed some pretty impressive figures on its growth.

9. White As Milk | Singapore

Singapore-based White As Milk is a new online store where parents can either get monthly ‘subcom’ babycare parcels, or order individual items like diapers and baby milk formula.

10. Oi Zoi Oi | Vietnam

With Vietnam’s e-commerce scene now flourishing, it’s a good time for one startup to try to corner the market as a product search engine for all these online stores. That’s where Oi Zoi Oi comes in.

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