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Indonesia’s presidential election takes place today. People have been bombarded for months by electioneering street parades, candidate ads, and posts all over social media. In addition, creative memes and parody videos about the election campaigns abound, and some supporters of the two hopefuls (Prabowo Subianto for the Gerindra party and Joko Widodo for PDI–P) have gotten even more creative with their politics by making mobile games.

Here’s our list of election-themed games featuring the country’s top two presidential candidates:

Games about Prabowo

1. Prabowo the Asian Tiger

Prabowo the Asian Tiger

In this game, help Prabowo run through an array of enemies by jumping over them in a 2D platformer. Playing this game is easy – one tap to jump, hold your tap to jump higher, and double tap to do a double jump.

This game is available on Android for free.

2. Prabowo vs Zombies

Prabowo vs Zombie

Jakarta has suddenly been attacked by a horde of zombies. Fortunately, Prabowo has come to lay waste to them with an arsenal of guns to save the city. You can help Prabowo by tapping on your phone screen to shoot the zombies. In the free version, you carry a sub-machine gun. But you can upgrade it to a mass destroyer bazooka for US$2.

This game is available on Android.

3. Prabowo Jump

Prabowo Jump

This rip-off of Doodle Jump features Prabowo. Gamers must maneuver Prabowo to jump as high as he can by dodging obstacles and collecting power ups. You can boost your score even more by collecting Indonesian flags scattered throughout the game.

This game is available on Android for free.

4. Prabowo President Puzzle

Prabowo Presiden Puzzle

For those of you who love sliding puzzle games, this is a must-try while you wait for the biggest democratic event in Indonesia. Just rearrange a jumbled photo of Prabowo to make a whole picture. This game has four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard, and extreme.

This is available on Android for free.

5. Bowo Bird

Bowo Bird

This game is really similar to Flappy Bird, but with Prabowo flapping through the pipes painted with images of Indonesia’s political parties. Help the candidate by tapping on your phone screen to flap without touching the pipes and falling to the ground.

It’s available on Android for free.

Games about Jokowi

6. Jokowi GO!

Jokowi GO

This endless running game portrays you as a supporter of Jokowi, the other Indonesian presidential candidate. In the game, he does “blusukan” (public outreach and personal interaction to see common people’s lives) while dodging obstacles, greeting Indonesian citizens, and collecting ‘optimism tokens’ to fill up the optimism bar. When the bar fills up, Jokowi will come out and join “blusukan” with you while destroying all obstacles for few seconds. The game also displays Jokowi’s agenda if he is elected as the next president. This game looks similar to Despicable Me: Minion Rush.

It’s available on Android for free.

7. Ayo Jokowi

Ayo Jokowi

In another Flappy Bird parody, Jokowi travels across Indonesia by plane, and your job is to ensure he does not fall to the ground or hit a wall.

This game is available on Android for free.

8. Jokowi Jumping

Jokowi Jump

Just like Prabowo Jump, this game is all about going up. This time, Jokowi dons a Superman cape to collect coins and power ups while dodging obstacles.

It’s available on Android for free.

9. Jokowi Aku Rapopo

Jokowi Aku Rapopo

You will only need one finger to play this casual game. Jokowi cycles around Jakarta, and you have to help him jump over the obstacles. This game gets faster as you progress. The game is called Jokowi Aku Rapopo because every time Jokowi collides with an obstacle, he says, “Aku Rapopo,” which means “I’m okay.”

This game is available on Android for free.

10. Jokowi Ski

Jokowi Ski

If seeing Jokowi do “blusukan” wasn’t odd enough, how about Jokowi skiing? In this game, Jokowi is one of the characters you can play with. However, there are other characters, each with different skills that you can unlock using in-game currency.

Your purpose is to help Jokowi ski safely through the trees and past a vicious bear to reach the finish line. A coffee cup acts as a power up that boosts the candidate through the trees for few seconds.

This game is available on Android for free.

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