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[UP Singapore] How can we create a network of shared co-working spaces

Singapore is consistently being ranked as one of the easiest places in to do business. And, as a result, new businesses have been sprouting up in recent years. But let’s face it – no office space is flexible enough to meet the constantly changing needs of a company. Many business do not need a fixed office space all the time, and many other have an extra desk or room at times.

How can we create a network of efficiently managed co-working spaces, so that every office can become a co-working space?

Do read more about the challenge we posted on Do Good CoLAB for the Urban Prototyping Weekend during UP Singapore.

Participate and help us to solve this challenge by posting suggestions and comments.

There are also other challenges that might interest you over at Do Good CoLAB. Do check them out and share your ideas!

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