Tencent’s Tenpay Enters Taiwan

China Daily reported that Tencent’s Tenpay has expanded to Taiwan. According to the report: Taiwan-based E.SUN Bank to provide an onli...

  • April 12, 2013
  • at 2:28 pm
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WeChat Excels Abroad Without the China Brand

The New York Times discusses the recent success of Tencent’s (HKG:0700) WeChat outside of China’s borders, quoting BDA China cha...

  • November 5, 2012
  • at 12:35 pm
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Nike to Use Tencent’s WeChat to Connect With Chinese Consumers

According to Campaign China [1], Nike (NYSE:NKE) will be launching its official WeChat account later this month. Operated by Tencent (HKG:07...

  • August 15, 2012
  • at 10:18 am
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China’s Biggest Web Company Celebrates New Year with Giant, 3 Ton QR Code Cake [PICS]

Tencent (HKG:0700) takes huge slices of lots of Chinese online markets (social media, online gaming, e-commerce, etc), but earlier this week...

  • January 4, 2013
  • at 12:18 pm
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Weird: Tencent Now Allows You to Close Your Weibo Account

The folks at TechWeb spotted that Tencent Weibo has silently inserted an option for users to close their accounts. However, only users who h...

  • September 3, 2012
  • at 10:05 pm
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Tencent to Invest $1 Billion in a “New-Generation” B2C Ecommerce Platform

Tencent has big plans for its e-commerce division. Yes, a possible e-commerce subsidiary IPO could well be in the pipeline too. We learned f...

  • May 27, 2012
  • at 11:13 pm
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