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The RIP Typewriters Buzz

It seemed that a lot of people on Twitter were saying that typewriters would be no longer exist in near future, so, the term “RIP Typewriters” became a trending topic on Twitter a couple of days ago. But is it true? Well, a report from Gawker said that it’s not true. We can still see typewriters being used by people, at least in Asia.

The buzz about “RIP Typewriters” was started by a news about Godrej and Boyce, a typewriter manufacturer, which shut down its production plant in Mumbai, India, with only about 500 machines in stock. However, Ed Michael from Swintec, said that typewriters were still far from dead. He also added that his company still manufactures typewriters for China, Japan and Indonesia.

RIP Typewriters Trending Topic

With the rise of PCs, followed by notebooks and now tablets, it is reasonable to say that typewriters are reaching the tail of its product life cycle. The manufacturers need to be innovative to survive. For example, Italian company Olivetti now turned their focus to technology market by launching its Android powered tablet computer, the OliPad.

Some creative people out there have even combined an old typewriter with high end product. For example, the USB typewriter, which connects a typewriter to PC, Mac, or even an iPad, with USB connection. Another creative idea is the Typescreen, which utilizes a typewriter to tap the virtual keyboard on the iPad screen. This product combines the modern functionality of an iPad with classic feel of retro typewriters.

Despite the fact that typewriters still exist, the buzz about “RIP Typewriters” truly reminds us about an important lesson: “You either Innovate or die”.

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