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Thais can now buy Line stickers without credit cards

After Line brought its Web Store to Taiwan in October, Line finally introduced it to the Thai market. This makes Thailand the third country where the service is available.

The Line Web Store allows users to purchase stickers and items to be used inside the Line game apps from a computer or mobile browser instead of in-app purchases.

This sounds like a move in the right direction for Line. Many people might ask why we need a Web Store when it does almost everything that users can do via the app. The answer is that the credit card penetration rate in Thailand is low, and credit cards are required to purchase stickers in-app. About 15 percent of Thai adults own credit cards.

Besides credit cards, in Thai Line Web Store, users can use AIS 1-2-Call Cash Cards and True Money to buy Line credits.

(Editing by Paul Bischoff)

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