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Social media in China beyond WeChat and Weibo

Life beyond WeChat and Weibo: 15 niche social networks in China

They’re not meant to replace WeChat or Weibo – indeed, many of these specialist social apps integrate with the country’s top social ne...

  • August 6, 2014
  • at 9:58 am
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7 Superb New Apps from China in 2012

With smartphone sales in China up 199 percent this year, all those phone owners will be keen to snap up some fun apps. And Chinese developer...

  • December 31, 2012
  • at 12:30 pm
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3 Alternative Weibo Mobile Apps For iPhone and Android That Have More Eye-Candy

Like with Twitter, the best mobile apps for firing off Weibo missives are not the official ones that the respective companies – such a...

  • November 22, 2011
  • at 8:00 pm
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Got swag? These 2 photo apps from China help you tag it, flaunt it

Want a photo app for selfies and showing off the stuff you own? China’s way ahead of you

Last year was the year of the selfie, and it’s clear to see that a lot of people like showing off what they have in photos – and so thes...

  • April 11, 2014
  • at 4:18 pm
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Eico Design, Beijing

Weico, the Funkiest App For Weibo, Lands on Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS will soon get a spoonful of sugar courtesy of a cute new app by a Beijing startup. Now in public beta but...

  • August 6, 2012
  • at 12:50 pm
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