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China begins clampdown on video sites showing foreign TV series

China begins clampdown on video sites showing foreign TV series

This will result in the effective banning of some foreign TV series in China, leaving viewers to go back to the old days of pirating their f...

  • September 5, 2014
  • at 7:29 pm
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‘China’s answer to Pixar’ raises US$20 million from GGV Capital, first movie to come in 2015

The self-proclaimed “China’s answer to Pixar” was founded by Tudor founder Gary Wang over a year ago after Tudou merged with Youku.

  • June 20, 2014
  • at 11:49 am
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Youku mobile

China’s 450 million online video viewers watch 5.7 billion hours of vids every month (INFOGRAPHIC)

When the hotly-anticipated third season of Sherlock returned to screens last week, there were only two places in the world where you could w...

  • January 7, 2014
  • at 3:45 pm
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Wandoujia launches video search function in China

Wandoujia, one of China’s leading Android app stores, today announced the launch of its new video search service. The addition to the ...

  • September 12, 2013
  • at 5:55 pm
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Youku Tudou web piracy

How China’s Top Video Site Battles the Pirates

After merging into one company last year, Youku Tudou (NYSE:YOKU) further established itself as China’s top online video business with...

  • May 16, 2013
  • at 3:05 pm
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Youku Tudou financials

Youku Tudou Sees Narrowing Losses in First-Ever Post-Merger Financials

It’s over six months since the merger between China’s top two video-streaming sites was approved by shareholders, so the newest ...

  • March 1, 2013
  • at 10:20 pm
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ComScore: China Watched 4.1 Billion Hours of Web Videos in August

Chinese web users racked up over 4.1 billion hours of collective streaming of web videos in August, according to a new report from ComScore....

  • October 8, 2012
  • at 2:32 pm
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China’s Video King Youku Tudou: “Mobile is Key For Growth”

In a teleconference with international media which I called into earlier, the recently merged Youku Tudou’s (NYSE:YOKU) company presid...

  • September 26, 2012
  • at 4:22 pm
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Youku Tudou

Youku Tudou: 310 Million Weekly Unique Viewers, 1.6 Billion Hours of Video Every Month

Unless you have been living in the jungle, by now you should know that Youku (NYSE:YOKU) and Tudou have already merged as…eh…You...

  • September 26, 2012
  • at 2:19 am
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Youku mobile

Youku reaches half billion visitors for first time, but share price tumbles on pessimism

Youku reached 500 million monthly unique visitors for the first time, the company said today in its Q2 2014 earnings report.

  • August 20, 2014
  • at 11:19 am
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Ecommerce titan Alibaba goes multimedia with $1.22 billion investment in video site Youku

Ecommerce titan Alibaba goes multimedia with $1.22 billion investment in video site Youku

Ecommerce titan Alibaba is ploughing US$1.22 billion into Youku Tudou (NYSE:YOKU), which runs the Youku and Tudou video sites.

  • April 28, 2014
  • at 6:25 pm
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Youku reduces losses in Q3, grows to 300 million video views per day

Chinese video sites Youku and Tudou (NYSE:YOKU) – remember, they’re now one company – have released their Q3 earnings repo...

  • November 15, 2013
  • at 11:40 am
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Mobile video apps are racking up huge download numbers in China

Wandoujia’s latest China App Index report is out now. July’s most interesting trend? The rapid growth of mobile video in China. ...

  • August 20, 2013
  • at 2:30 pm
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Tudou Gary Wang moves into animation

Tudou Founder Gets Animated About His Next Startup Project

Tudou founder and former CEO Gary Wang cashed out of China’s biggest ever internet business deal last summer and then announced his re...

  • March 13, 2013
  • at 10:59 am
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This is How Luxury Brands Do Awesome Social Media Marketing in China in 2012

China’s online market is vast and growing at an insane rate – Chinese e-commerce sales are projected to triple from now to 2015 ...

  • December 19, 2012
  • at 2:45 pm
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Chinese Video Sites Turning off their Japan Channels

The Asahi Shimbun reports this evening that a number of Chinese video sites have made moves to remove the ‘Japan’ category from ...

  • October 4, 2012
  • at 7:30 pm
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Youku Tudou Launches Tudou Redesign and Differentiation Campaign

Youku and Tudou may have merged financially, but it seems Youku’s management is not planning to merge the two platforms anytime soon. ...

  • September 26, 2012
  • at 9:55 am
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Victor Koo: Youku-Tudou Merger Will Show Results in the Long-Term

Youku-Tudou (hereafter, we’ll just call it Youku) has kept things pretty quiet since the merger went official and former Tudou CEO Gar...

  • September 8, 2012
  • at 2:48 am
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