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Report: 30 million of Indonesia’s internet users are teenagers

Most of Indonesia’s 30 million teen internet users reside in urban areas like Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Banten. About 87 percent of teens w...

  • February 19, 2014
  • at 9:15 pm
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Make Anonymous Confessions With

Sometimes people feel afraid or embarrassed to admit their feelings in public. But with, now anyone can freely express their feelin...

  • September 27, 2011
  • at 10:00 pm
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Social Media Use Amongst Teens And More

We are all curious about teens and young adults. They are the generations who are closest to technology, and have the buying power to get ho...

  • July 1, 2010
  • at 12:16 am
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Chinese Teens Caught Trafficking Drugs at Border to Pay for Online Game Items

You know you’ve taken your game obsession a few steps too far when you find yourself smuggling heroin across the border in your stomac...

  • September 28, 2012
  • at 3:00 am
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Don’t Blame Facebook for Underage Marriage

Facebook is popular because it helps users to connect and share with their friends and family. Unfortunately, the most popular social networ...

  • August 5, 2011
  • at 10:36 pm
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How Are Teens Using Their Cell Phones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Need to understand teens’ mobile usage behavior to better communicate your product to the Gen Z? We got it all here, almost. Flowtown ...

  • May 5, 2010
  • at 10:20 am
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