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bangalore IT hub

Why India must fix its obsession with software services and pivot to products

Bangalore arrived on the world stage in the nineties as a hub for software services and outsourcing. This rode on the back of a global rise ...

  • June 23, 2014
  • at 12:26 pm
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Eric Wittman

[Video] Interview with Eric Wittman, Head, Adobe Flash Platform Services

A special interview for the tech startups who are developing apps on Flash and thinking about the business viability of MeeGo and AppUp.

  • September 23, 2010
  • at 2:39 pm
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The top Indian tech startups this year at TechSparks

There were 2000 entrepreneurs and over 800 teams. But only 15 pitched on stage to an audience of 800 people. Check out which were the top In...

  • September 12, 2012
  • at 4:25 am
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