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Life after exiting Tokobagus (LIVE BLOG)

Remco Lupker, co-founder of Indonesia’s biggest classifieds site Tokobagus, is one of the first foreign tech founders who has made it in I...

  • November 21, 2013
  • at 3:31 pm
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tokobagus office thumb

Life after exiting TokoBagus (Startup Asia preview)

Remco Lupker is the co-founder of Indonesia’s biggest classifieds TokoBagus. He is also arguably one of the first foreign entrepreneurs wh...

  • November 19, 2013
  • at 2:15 pm
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Hold your horses: Indonesian government hasn’t approved any new regulation to halt foreign investments

Indonesia’s e-commerce scene recently got rocked by Ambient Digital Indonesia president and TokoBagus co-founder Remco Lupker’s discover...

  • August 29, 2013
  • at 10:30 am
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StartupKita Participants Encourage Indonesian Startups to Join in

I often hear entrepreneurs in Indonesia saying that they want to talk about the real issues facing their startup businesses in order to get ...

  • February 11, 2013
  • at 3:25 pm
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Remco Lupker, Tesong Kim, William Tanuwijaya, Daniel Tumiwa

Discussion: E-Commerce in Indonesia – The Challenges Ahead

For the last panel of our two-day Startup Asia Jakarta conference, we’ve aggregated an expert panel discussing on the e-commerce lands...

  • June 8, 2012
  • at 6:16 pm
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Remco Lupker, Co-Founder of, On E-Commerce in Indonesia [INTERVIEW]

Like it or not, buying and selling things over the Internet has became more and more of a daily activity for us – in Indonesia and acr...

  • September 24, 2011
  • at 3:54 pm
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18 tips for foreign entrepreneurs and corporations in Indonesia

This evening marks the start of our Startup Asia Jakarta 2013 conference at Gedung Indosat, where startup founders and investors come togeth...

  • November 21, 2013
  • at 9:00 am
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Remco Lupker, Stefan Jung, and Khailee Ng to speak at Startup Asia Jakarta 2013

More great speakers, more great news for you folks. We have added in a couple more respectable speakers in the region to our Startup Asia Ja...

  • September 26, 2013
  • at 11:20 am
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Tokobagus Co-founder Remco Lupker Show Offs His New Venture, Ambient Indonesia

Tokobagus Co-founder Remco Lupker Show Offs His New Venture, Ambient Indonesia

Remco’s personal target is to make video ad network, Ambient Indonesia, the local market leader within six to twelve months.

  • June 13, 2013
  • at 10:58 am
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Tokobagus Founders Have Left the Building

The two founders of Indonesian e-commerce TokoBagus, Arnold Sebastian Egg and Remco Lupker (pictured right), yesterday announced their depar...

  • August 16, 2012
  • at 4:10 pm
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Tokobagus founders: Remco Lupker, Arnold Sebastian Egg

Coffee Chat: A Foreigner Building a Startup in Indonesia

Building a startup is never a smooth-sailing journey, let alone building a startup in a foreign land. It takes a lot of understanding, local...

  • June 8, 2012
  • at 4:46 pm
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