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visuallead oded israeli

China loves QR codes, and this startup can make them more beautiful

VisualLead is now in its third generation, which means a QR code can even include video or GIF-style animation.

  • May 5, 2014
  • at 6:40 pm
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Singapore Red Cross gamifies blood donations with new app

Blood donation shortages have been a problem everywhere for years. To raise awareness, typical methods include driving blood donation truc...

  • January 7, 2014
  • at 7:00 pm
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Smoothboard Air: Mirrored Display to Multiple Mobile Devices in the Classroom

A startup in Singapore has developed an intriguing software solution that enables collaboration on multiple mobile devices. Smoothboard Air ...

  • September 18, 2012
  • at 8:30 pm
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Korea’s Emart Creates QR Codes With Shadows in Midday Sun

QR codes have been around for years now, most commonly used in countries like Japan. I often see QR codes here in restaurants, advertisement...

  • May 4, 2012
  • at 10:30 am
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Ten QR code sins to avoid

It's likely that QR codes are here to stay as a feature of integrated marketing. Here's how you can dramatically improve their implementatio...

  • January 2, 2012
  • at 5:19 pm
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China’s QR Code Bullet Train Tickets Spill Your Personal Info

To get a ticket on one of China’s new fleet of 300+ km/h bullet trains locals need to show their ID card, and foreigners must produce ...

  • July 15, 2011
  • at 8:30 pm
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WeChat and Alibaba hit as China bans online payments made using QR codes, virtual credit cards

WeChat and Alibaba hit roadbumps as China bans online payments made using QR codes, virtual credit cards

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) issued an edict late yesterday that bans two particular things: epayments made via QR codes, and onl...

  • March 14, 2014
  • at 2:10 pm
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sina weibo techinasia

Sina Weibo Rolls Out Social QR Codes For All Users

This morning Sina Weibo launched a QR code feature which allows every user to have their own QR code. Once someone scans it, they will be br...

  • September 24, 2012
  • at 12:22 pm
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Singapore’s m-commerce market jumps seven-fold to US$259M in one year

A PayPal survey shows that 2011 is a breakout year for mobile commerce in Singapore.

  • May 17, 2012
  • at 5:26 pm
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In Singapore, PayPal experiments with QR code shopping at train stations

QR codes have taken off in a big way in the marketing world lately, and PayPal is the latest to get in on this craze. Just recently, they la...

  • February 10, 2012
  • at 6:44 pm
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Vending Machine Check-in

How Coca-Cola is Gamifying Vending Machines in Japan

Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) wants its customers in Japan to get to know their favorite vending machines a little better. In the company’s late...

  • November 10, 2011
  • at 10:00 am
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