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Taobao Removed from US Pirate List, But Still Plenty of Chinese Pirates Around

Last year it was Chinese search engine Baidu that was removed from the U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) report on major piracy offenders...

  • December 14, 2012
  • at 12:26 pm
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Kai-Fu Lee and Citron Continue to Duke It Out Over Soft Seller’s Ethics and Inaccuracies

The former Google China boss Kai-Fu Lee made a stand against short sellers Citron Research earlier this week – and now the two parties...

  • August 31, 2012
  • at 11:35 am
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Report: Baidu Tried to Acquire Rival Sogou Earlier This Year

Reports are emerging that Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), China’s most-used search engine, tried – but failed – to acquire its smalle...

  • June 11, 2012
  • at 7:00 pm
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Has Google Dropped to Third Place in China? [STATS]

New data from web analytics company CNZZ suggests that Google (NASQAQ:GOOG) is now in third place in China in terms of search engine traffic...

  • December 14, 2011
  • at 2:30 pm
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China’s Sohu Goes Gangnam Style, Wants to Acquire Korean Film Studio?

China’s video-streaming sites rely on big-name TV serials to bring in lots of young users. So the rumor that the country’s third...

  • September 5, 2012
  • at 9:00 am
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Kai-Fu Lee Rips into “Ignorance and Deception” of Short Sellers Citron

One of China’s top tech luminaries, Kai-Fu Lee, has ripped into the short sellers Citron Research – branding their methodology &...

  • August 27, 2012
  • at 8:50 pm
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Sohu Video’s Alliance with Qiyi and Tencent May Be Unstable

Sohu’s (NASDAQ:SOHU) video offerings have been in the news quite a bit recently, as Sohu teamed up with Baidu’s Qiyi and Tencent...

  • May 2, 2012
  • at 1:00 pm
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