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daum v google maps

South Korean search giant Daum has a better map of North Korea than Google

Daum's new online maps of North Korea reportedly provide greater coverage and detail than the existing Google Maps.

  • September 1, 2014
  • at 7:00 pm
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google street view shandong

Celebrate China’s Lantern Festival with an interactive tour on Google Street View

The Google Street View team recently sent its cameras into a few major tourist spots in China to get a 360-degree view of the scenery for th...

  • February 14, 2014
  • at 1:00 pm
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waze thumb

Indonesia loves Waze, already has 750,000 active users

Google-owned maps and navigation app Waze revealed a few bits of data about its Indonesian users last week.

  • November 25, 2013
  • at 1:02 pm
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WoNoBo screenshot

India’s to take on Google Street View, Nokia Here

Indian geospatial technology solutions firm Genesys International Corporation has come up with – a first of its kind 360 de...

  • October 16, 2013
  • at 1:30 pm
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Despite $448 million deal, Tencent’s online maps won’t merge with Sogou, will be rebranded instead

Earlier this month Tencent announced that it would invest $448 million into former rival Sogou, merging the latter firm’s search technolog...

  • September 27, 2013
  • at 1:04 pm
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Autonavi apps

Why Alibaba Invested in AutoNavi

Alibaba has been throwing money around like it’s going out of style recently, and the latest confirmed investment (several more are ru...

  • May 13, 2013
  • at 9:30 am
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Google Maps adds North Korea details

Google Maps Zoom in on North Korea

North Korea has long been a bit of a blank, unknown wasteland for Google Maps, but that changes today. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has had help fro...

  • January 29, 2013
  • at 11:22 am
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Street Directory app logo

Street Directory Map App Takes You to the Right Place

After the dismal launch of the Apple Maps app, I knew I needed an alternative. I had been using Google Maps prior to the roll-out of iOS 6 a...

  • December 20, 2012
  • at 7:48 pm
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Google Maps App is Lost in China, Loses Half Market Share in Q3 [CHART]

It seems clear in which direction Google Maps is heading in China. Down. New stats for Q3 2012 for mobile maps app market share in the count...

  • November 6, 2012
  • at 12:15 pm
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百度疾病预测 (2)

Baidu’s new interactive map predicts the spread of influenza, hepatitis, and STIs all across China

Baidu Trends, China’s nearest equivalent to Google Trends, has launched an interactive nationwide map that predicts the spread of dise...

  • July 7, 2014
  • at 12:16 pm
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MapMyIndia helps you pinpoint friends with new ReachMe app

MapMyIndia helps you pinpoint friends with new ReachMe app

India’s MapMyIndia has come out with a new app that helps you share your current location. Called ReachMe, it lets you do one very spe...

  • December 3, 2013
  • at 9:45 pm
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Chinese developer makes free map and audio guide apps for 100+ tourist spots, reports 1 million active users

Now plastered on a wall at the south entrance to Nanluoguxiang, one of Beijing’s most popular tourist streets, is a billboard-sized ad...

  • November 6, 2013
  • at 4:00 pm
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42% of the world’s Internet users live in Asia

Asia, as we have noted repeatedly before, is home to the biggest internet populations across the world. These maps show us, with some stagge...

  • October 11, 2013
  • at 8:00 pm
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240 million people now use Baidu’s Android apps *UPDATED*

UPDATE: August 27, 2013 – Baidu’s second quarter report doesn’t actually disclose its own mobile app user numbers. Instead...

  • August 22, 2013
  • at 9:48 pm
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Danger Maps

‘Danger Maps’ Invites You to Map China’s Polluted Areas via New Open-Platform Maps

Late last year, I wrote about Danger Maps, a Chinese web service that had tracked and mapped reports of different types of pollution and con...

  • April 11, 2013
  • at 9:30 am
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Autonavi apps

Autonavi’s Maps Apps Guide Over 100 Million Users in China

Regular readers will recall that Autonavi (NASDAQ:AMAP) makes the most popular mobile maps apps in China – way ahead of the rather los...

  • January 14, 2013
  • at 6:30 pm
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Qihoo’s Search Engine Taps Autonavi For New Maps

Another day, another new feature added to Qihoo’s (NYSE:QIHU) fledgling search engine service. But, as with previous elements added to...

  • November 30, 2012
  • at 6:00 pm
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Autonavi Maps Hit Windows 8 As Chinese Apps Jump Aboard Microsoft’s New OS

Microsoft’s most radical new OS, Windows 8, is set to launch tomorrow, and lots of Chinese web companies are ready with apps that make...

  • October 25, 2012
  • at 12:20 pm
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