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Philippine incubator Ideaspace reveals the 10 winners of its 2014 national startup competition

Philippine incubator Ideaspace Foundation announced the 10 winners of its second national startup competition yesterday.

  • June 6, 2014
  • at 8:30 pm
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The Philippines’ startup scene: maturity is a matter of time

The Philippines’ strong economy plus the growing support from tech incubators in the country are good signs for budding domestic start...

  • October 8, 2013
  • at 1:00 pm
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Creators of PageSnapp Get Travel Grant to Silicon Valley from First AngelHack Manila

Creators of PageSnapp Get Travel Grant to Silicon Valley from First AngelHack Manila

A group of developers took only 24 hours to develop an app and walked away with plane tickets.

  • June 18, 2013
  • at 10:00 am
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plane 590

One Filipino’s journey to Silicon Valley and back

"One day, I hope that this country can produce the next Google, Facebook or Cisco, which will give every Filipino global opportunities witho...

  • April 2, 2013
  • at 2:25 pm
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IdeaSpace launches annual competition for startups; will offer seed funding and more to winners

IdeaSpace is inviting all startups to join the annual national competition where the top 10 winners would walk away with up to PHP 2M (USD 4...

  • December 21, 2012
  • at 1:15 pm
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The Philippine startup scene could be Asia’s best kept secret

The ecosystem is getting its act together, but many obstacles remain.

  • July 11, 2012
  • at 9:30 am
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Startup incubator IdeaSpace to jumpstart Philippines’ Silicon Valley

A new startup accelerator called IdeaSpace was launched in the Philippines last month to help develop successful Filipino entrepreneurs. It...

  • April 2, 2012
  • at 5:25 pm
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5 notable startup incubators in the Philippines

[UPDATE: fixed errors on number of portfolio startups under Kickstart Ventures, and amount of funding per startup for Ideaspace.] Although ...

  • November 7, 2013
  • at 10:00 am
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IdeaSpace Partners with National Instruments to Jumpstart Philippine Startups

With Philippine incubators getting more support, looks like things will get better for startups in the Philippines.

  • July 30, 2013
  • at 1:30 pm
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10 Philippine startups get seed funding from IdeaSpace

Philippine startup incubator IdeaSpace has announced the ten winners of its national startup competition. The startups will each receive P50...

  • April 8, 2013
  • at 2:33 pm
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Startup Labs Sets its Eyes on Tech Companies in Vietnam and the Philippines

We have features as many startups from the Philippines as we should have over the past year, but there are certainly some remarkable ones in...

  • January 15, 2013
  • at 11:25 pm
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Up to USD120K in funding offered for the best Pinoy tech innovations

Just in, Philippine startup accelerator IdeaSpace today launched its national competition in search of the country’s top ideas for technol...

  • September 1, 2012
  • at 3:51 pm
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Learn how to launch a startup in 48 hours at JCI Manila-Mapua Technopreneurship Bootcamp

In cooperation with IdeaSpace and Microsoft powered by the telco Smart, JCI-Manila and Mapua Institute of Technology (Makati) have come up w...

  • May 22, 2012
  • at 4:21 pm
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