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Gree admits failure with browser-based mobile gaming, shifts half of workforce to make native games for iOS and Android

In response to crashing revenue and net income, Gree is leaving browser games behind in favor of native mobile games.

  • August 13, 2014
  • at 4:39 pm
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Committed to moving beyond hardware, Foxconn announces first mobile game will be out “in six months”

Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn, held a meeting with select media representatives last Thursday in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where he confirmed his ...

  • November 5, 2013
  • at 1:35 pm
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Youku mobile

Youku Revamps Homepage for Smaller Screens In Response to “Exponential” Mobile Traffic

As we explained last month, China’s top video site has 150 million daily mobile users. In order to cater to all those mobile viewers, Youk...

  • June 25, 2013
  • at 5:17 pm
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north korea smackdown

NMA Launches Ridiculous ‘North Korea Smackdown’ HTML5 Game

North Korea’s missile belligerence has been the target of an awful lot of humor, but the folks at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation ...

  • April 16, 2013
  • at 2:08 am
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HTML5 Gaming Inside WeChat

An Experiment in HTML5 Gaming Inside WeChat

We get the feeling that the hugely popular messaging app WeChat will eventually move into social gaming. (We asked earlier this afternoon bu...

  • March 18, 2013
  • at 8:30 pm
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Baidu mobile searches data

Baidu: 1,000% Growth in Mobile Searches in China in Past 2 Years [STATS]

The quarterly mobile reports from Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), China’s most used search engine, are always full of facts and stats about growi...

  • February 27, 2013
  • at 12:45 pm
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New W3C facility at Beihang University

W3C Opens Office in Beijing, Invites China to Shape Future of Web Standards

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international community dedicated to web standards that’s headed by Tim Berners-Lee out of MIT...

  • January 21, 2013
  • at 9:55 am
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Zopim Refreshes Its Online Customer Chat Service, Adds iPhone App Too

Singapore’s makes a customer service live chat web app, and its staffers have been extra busy this Singaporean National Day ...

  • August 9, 2012
  • at 11:55 pm
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Itching to create HTML5 Apps for Blackberry?

Are you a web developer who wants to engage with mobile development? The Philippine BlackBerry Developer Group (pinoyBBdev), the only Re...

  • July 17, 2012
  • at 12:03 am
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BoosterMedia HTML5

HTML5 game company founder: we don’t need to innovate, we just need to be good

It’s undeniable that the gaming industry is very big, especially in Asia. While the overall global gaming market amounts to an estimated U...

  • February 25, 2014
  • at 8:30 pm
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Opera’s Chinese mobile browser has over 100 million downloads, game platform coming soon

We just learned that Opera’s Chinese mobile browser, Oupeng, has over 100 million downloads in China. It is still far short of UC Browser...

  • August 7, 2013
  • at 10:30 am
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Terrabook: Building Educational Mobile Apps And Platforms For Vietnamese Kids

A model that I’m encountering more and more lately in Vietnam is an outsourcing-to-product business growth pattern. It’s where a company...

  • April 18, 2013
  • at 4:56 pm
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Firefox OS China

Firefox OS is the Only Chance at a ‘Homegrown’ Mobile Platform for China

You might think that a country needs a homegrown mobile OS like a tiger needs a cage, but that’s not how China sees it. That rumbling ...

  • March 29, 2013
  • at 4:48 pm
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Amobee AppsFuel HTML5

Amobee’s Mobile Ads Now a Monetization Option in AppsFuel HTML5 App Store

These days, mobile telcos absolutely love HTML5 as it gives them a chance to be app publishers whilst flipping a middle finger at Apple and ...

  • February 27, 2013
  • at 5:00 pm
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China's 450 million online video viewers watch 5.7 billion hours of vids every month - INFOGRAPHIC

China’s Top Video Site Adds QR Codes to Help Viewers Go Mobile

China’s top video site, Youku (NYSE:YOKU), has added QR codes to every video on its desktop website so as to help users continue viewing w...

  • February 6, 2013
  • at 9:00 am
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Escaping from Apple and Google, GREE Launches Push for Games in HTML5

The big news today from GREE, the Japan-based social gaming platform, is that it’s now accepting mobile games built in HTML5. The now-HTML...

  • November 14, 2012
  • at 12:40 pm
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JSCamp Asia: A Conference for Javascript and the Mobile Web in Asia

For mobile web developers, HTML5 and javascript are key tools for anyone who wants to bring some flashy (no, not that Flash) interactivity t...

  • August 6, 2012
  • at 9:00 pm
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NonStop Games: Social HTML5 Games with a Twist

In an old Singaporean office crammed with start-ups lies the humble shared space of the up-and-coming HTML5 social games start-up NonStop Ga...

  • June 22, 2012
  • at 10:15 pm
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