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Games in Asia meetup Jakarta: Getting your first million downloads

We will be coming to you in Jakarta on August 13th with a topic that all indie gaming studios will be very interested about: “Getting your...

  • August 6, 2014
  • at 7:15 pm
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Games in Asia meetup Singapore: what really is the problem with eSports here?

It’s an issue that has stretched across almost a decade, ever since Singapore's eSports prowess went into decline following the golden ye...

  • June 3, 2014
  • at 11:29 am
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12 signs you’ve been working in the games industry for too long

Too many free event t-shirts in your cupboard? Or maybe your recycling bin is starting to overflow with empty company-branded goodie bags? I...

  • April 16, 2014
  • at 4:30 pm
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11 games for you to play this weekend

This article was originally posted on Games in Asia, so if you’re interested in gaming content, you should bookmark the site immediate...

  • October 5, 2013
  • at 1:00 pm
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Tech in Asia acquires mobile game blog GameSaku

Earlier this morning, we released news (full release below) that we have acquired GameSaku from Apps Foundry Pte Ltd (1). We are excited to ...

  • September 12, 2013
  • at 12:08 pm
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Mojiken FI

As Indonesia’s gaming industry heats up, new startups enter

Today, mobile devices are the preferred channel for internet usage in Indonesia, and McKinsey Global Institute projects that with its curren...

  • August 5, 2014
  • at 9:10 pm
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Mysterious, Grammy-nominated music producer seeks to ‘revolutionize’ Singapore’s game industry

Some days ago, we received an email that told us the sender was creating “the strongest, most creative, and entertaining export out of Sou...

  • May 2, 2014
  • at 12:35 pm
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10 reasons why Vietnam-made game Flappy Bird is so ridiculously addictive

Here's the ten reasons why Flappy Bird is such a viral game. Can these reasons be copied?

  • February 5, 2014
  • at 4:30 pm
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It’s official: Games in Asia is up, available in English and Indonesian

After months of hard work, we’ve finally got up and running (Now fellows, bookmark the site!). Games in Asia is now availa...

  • October 1, 2013
  • at 9:38 am
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Football Club Manager: New Game for Football Enthusiasts in Asia Launches into Private Beta

So this new game by AsiaSoft gives you the chance to be the manager of your football team!

  • July 18, 2013
  • at 9:00 pm
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