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Game devs, get ready to be part of InMobi’s $25 million gaming fund

Game devs, get ready to be part of InMobi’s $25 million gaming fund

InMobi's first-of-its-kind fund is dedicated to game devs – but it’s not really a traditional VC fund.

  • July 23, 2014
  • at 9:35 pm
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Ramen Chain thumb

Indonesian game Ramen Chain is a hit in Asia with delicious gameplay

A few days ago we wrote about Fun Toilet Games: Panda Adventures from Indonesian game studio Touchten. But another fun game from TouchTen ca...

  • August 9, 2013
  • at 11:30 am
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KungFu Quest thumb

Wanna Play a Classic Beat ’Em Up Game? Indonesian Studio Brings You ‘KungFu Quest: The Jade Tower’

If you loved playing classic fighting games at an arcade, you’ll love this new smartphone game. Indonesia’s IPlayAllDay Studio released ...

  • August 2, 2013
  • at 2:30 pm
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Indocomtech and Jakarta Game Show Promise Gadgets, Quidditch, and Networking

In less than two months from now, the Jakarta Convention Center in Indonesia will host two big events side by side – Indocomtech and t...

  • September 24, 2012
  • at 3:26 pm
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BoosterMedia HTML5

HTML5 game company founder: we don’t need to innovate, we just need to be good

It’s undeniable that the gaming industry is very big, especially in Asia. While the overall global gaming market amounts to an estimated U...

  • February 25, 2014
  • at 8:30 pm
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Toilet Time Is Not So Boring With ‘Fun Toilet Games: Panda Adventures’

Indonesian-made game Fun Toilet Games: Panda Adventure was released last Friday by Touchten. Do you know when is the best time to play this ...

  • August 6, 2013
  • at 6:30 pm
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Philippine Game Development Festival

How The Philippine Game Industry is Building Its Reputation

Have you ever wondered about the Philippine game industry is doing? Now is your chance to find out.

  • July 19, 2013
  • at 1:30 pm
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Bring Out Your Inner Beastie Boy with the Gamelan DJ App

Not many people have woken up of a morning and thought, “I know! We need to fuse the gamelan with some DJ turntables.” But that ...

  • September 12, 2012
  • at 4:45 pm
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