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This Korean startup’s founders left Google and LG to crush Dropbox, today they secured $1M investment

Employees giving up their highly-prized, stable, and well-paid corporate careers in Korea’s tech behemoths used to be incredibly rare. But...

  • July 10, 2014
  • at 4:28 pm
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Dropbox in China

Welcome back! Dropbox is now unblocked in China

Dropbox got blocked in China in 2010. It was probably due to Chinese authorities finding politically sensitive material being shared or stor...

  • February 17, 2014
  • at 2:32 pm
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Klei, Vietnam’s Dropbox, goes into coma despite 1 million users

Kleii, one of Vietnam's most promising consumer cloud services, has been indefinitely shutdown. It is not clear yet when the service will re...

  • October 9, 2013
  • at 4:30 pm
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Dropbox Chinese Malaysian Indonesian

Dropbox Expands in Asia, Now Available in Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian

Dropbox is seeing stellar 537 percent annual growth in users in Indonesia already. Now available in Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian.

  • April 11, 2013
  • at 3:09 pm
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Fujifilm Makes Photographed Text More Visible on Smartphones

Here’s a fun service from the folks at Fujifilm (TYO:4901) that helps you more easily view text that appears in your photos. It’...

  • July 9, 2012
  • at 5:55 pm
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Responding to Google Drive, Insync shifts focus to power users, paid app

The creators of Insync, an app that offers Dropbox-like functionality to Google Docs users, have responded to the launch of Google Drive. Mo...

  • May 14, 2012
  • at 7:47 pm
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Baidu Takes Aim at Dropbox, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, With New Cloud Storage Service

Chinese search engine leader Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) is holding a developers conference today, from where it has just launched a cloud storage p...

  • March 23, 2012
  • at 4:30 pm
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softbank retail store in Tokyo

Softbank to Use SugarSync on New Android Phones for Photo Back-up

California-based file-storage/backup service SugarSync has announced that Japanese mobile carrier Softbank (TYO:9433) will be preloading its...

  • December 21, 2011
  • at 10:40 pm
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7notes Converts Your Handwritten iPad Notes

At the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Tokyo today, Japanese company Metamoji gave a short presentation about its recently launched 7notes...

  • September 8, 2011
  • at 10:43 pm
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SOTW - weekend reading

12 of our hottest tech stories, lists, and features for your weekend reading

Wanna catch up on Asia tech news? Worry not! Check out or list of the hottest stories from the past seven days on Tech In Asia!

  • May 10, 2014
  • at 10:52 am
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weiyun logo

Forget Box, SkyDrive, and Dropbox, Tencent’s 10TB of free cloud storage is hands down the best

How much shareable cloud storage can you get for free nowadays? Dropbox, probably the most popular option, offers a measly 2GB in it’...

  • January 17, 2014
  • at 5:37 pm
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Kleii, Vietnam’s Dropbox, Closes First Round Of Seed Funding

Remember the Vietnamese Dropbox that I wrote about in January? It just closed its first round of seed funding for an undisclosed amount with...

  • April 24, 2013
  • at 2:12 pm
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itwin dropbox

iTwin’s thumbdrive can now act as a key to your Dropbox files

Its new SecureBox feature encrypts or decrypts any file that you upload to or download from Dropbox.

  • October 20, 2012
  • at 10:57 am
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Dropbox Brings Korean Language to Its Website and Apps, Ready for Galaxy S III Launch

The U.S.-based cloud storage site Dropbox has today launched a Korean-language version of its service. Users in Korea can make use of this r...

  • May 30, 2012
  • at 12:30 pm
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Has Google Drive made Insync redundant?

Technophiles have generally greeted the launch of Google Drive with cheer. That’s no surprise: It has 5GB of free space, which is more...

  • April 25, 2012
  • at 3:21 am
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The Potential Problems of Consumer Cloud Storage in China

Chinese PC maker Lenovo (HKG:0992) and cloud storage service SugarSync recently announced that they would partner to create an integrated st...

  • March 19, 2012
  • at 11:00 pm
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KanBox, After its VC Funding, Faces Tough Cloud Sync Competition

The cloud storage and syncing service KanBox had some good news today, as DCM’s A-Fund invested in it, along with six other Asian star...

  • October 21, 2011
  • at 10:20 pm
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Japan Digest – 2 Jul

Here you can find interesting startup news from Japan, not only from its capital, Tokyo, but also other startup hubs like Fukuoka, Kyoto, Os...

  • July 2, 2011
  • at 12:00 pm
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