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Which Chinese tech companies benefit from cyber security row with US?

China's spat with the US could be an opportunity for it to take steps toward weaning the country off of foreign tech and replace it with hom...

  • May 30, 2014
  • at 9:00 am
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Apple Supplier Fined for Intentionally Polluting Shanghai River

China’s official state wire service Xinhua reported late last night that RiTeng Computer Accessory Company, a supplier to Apple, HP, D...

  • February 22, 2013
  • at 10:30 am
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Lenovo Overtakes HP as India’s Top PC Maker

New figures from research firm Gartner today indicate that PC manufacturer Lenovo (HKG:0992) has taken over the top spot in India, as the PC...

  • May 25, 2012
  • at 8:30 pm
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DeNA Brings Mobage to Baidu Yi Smartphones in China

Back in December we told you about Dell’s Streak Pro D43, the first smartphone to run Baidu’s (NASDAQ:BIDU) Android-based Yi OS....

  • February 1, 2012
  • at 2:27 pm
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Dell Unveils First Ever Smartphone Running Baidu’s Android-Based OS

This morning in Beijing, the American company Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) is unveiling a smartphone that runs Baidu’s (NASDAQ:BIDU) newly-launc...

  • December 20, 2011
  • at 11:48 am
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PC Industry Shows Double-Digit Q3 Growth in India [Report]

New numbers from research firm Gartner on the PC market in India say that there’s an increase of nearly 13 percent in the units shippe...

  • November 12, 2011
  • at 12:00 pm
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Dell and Acer Look to ‘Shipping’ PCs by Train from Central China to Europe

Taiwanese computer maker Acer is leading where US rival Dell hopes to follow – by manufacturing PCs and notebooks in inland China, and the...

  • September 23, 2011
  • at 3:30 pm
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Dell cloud computing center opens in Singapore

Entrepreneurs who want to check out Dell’s enterprise solutions can now do so by heading to the Singapore Solution Center, announced t...

  • July 22, 2011
  • at 2:15 pm
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In 2011, China’s Factories Still Rife With Abuses and Awful Conditions [REPORT]

China Labour Watch (CLW), the not-for-profit organization that has monitored working conditions in China’s factories since 2000, has j...

  • July 13, 2011
  • at 11:00 am
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HP Lenovo PC sales, 2013

Bow Down Before Your New Chinese Overlords: Lenovo Passes HP as World’s Top PC Maker

Lenovo has been heading towards this for a long time as its PC shipments rise relative to its struggling rivals. And now it has officially h...

  • July 11, 2013
  • at 4:46 pm
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Baidu Losing Dell as Smartphone Partner?

Dell recently announced that it’s quitting Android – but that leaves China’s Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) facing the prospect of lo...

  • December 17, 2012
  • at 4:30 pm
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Dell’s XPS Ultrabook Challenge is Not So Ultra

We were recently contacted by someone working on behalf of Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), pointing out a recent campaign the company ran in Singapore, ...

  • April 19, 2012
  • at 8:00 pm
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Chinese PC Maker Lenovo Showed Most Growth in Shipments in Q4

Gartner has released its estimates of worldwide PC shipments for the fourth quarter of 2011, and Chinese maker Lenovo (HKG:0992) posted the ...

  • January 13, 2012
  • at 11:56 pm
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Will We See a Baidu Yi Handset This Month?

Damn, this is shaping up to be a competitive month for smartphones in China! First we had Xiaomi’s M1, which will finally be available...

  • December 5, 2011
  • at 12:00 pm
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Gartner: Lenovo is Now Number 2 PC Maker

Last month we looked at second quarter figures from iSuppli that indicated Lenovo (HKG:0992) had jumped to third spot in the personal comput...

  • October 13, 2011
  • at 9:50 am
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Dell to Use New Baidu Yi Mobile OS, Launch in November? [UPDATED]

After Baidu’s unveiling of its Android-based mobile OS last Friday, we have word from Dell that it’s teaming up with China’s biggest s...

  • September 6, 2011
  • at 3:00 pm
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Dell’s Peju Leaks, But Why is Indonesia Laughing?

Dell’s upcoming Peju tablet made onto Twitter’s trending topics on Monday afternoon in Indonesia. Now before you start thinking that Del...

  • July 13, 2011
  • at 8:00 pm
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BliBli: A New Player in Indonesian E-Commerce

The Indonesian e-commerce battle recently has a new combatant:, which is owned by PT Global Digital Niaga, a subsidiary of Djarum...

  • May 10, 2011
  • at 11:18 am
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