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With $78,000 in hand, TableApp looks to expand into Penang and Johor Bahru

Singapore-based Crystal Horse Investments, as well as former Google Malaysia employee Hanson Toh, both co-invested in this round.

  • August 13, 2014
  • at 3:12 pm
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Forget food blogging: this startup aims to show that table reservations are the real money-makers

One of the biggest problems Benson Chang identified while running a restaurant was the lack of manpower to take reservations during peak per...

  • July 9, 2014
  • at 11:00 am
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Expand to Malaysia with Funds from CRADLE Investment

If you have been thinking of expanding your technology-oriented idea to Malaysia and are looking for funds to do so, head down to visit CRAD...

  • April 19, 2010
  • at 9:16 pm
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Looking beyond your local market – the ins and outs of regional expansion (Kuala Lumpur Meetup)

Tech in Asia, in partnership with MaGIC, are bringing together a group of startups - Carousell, Soft Space, and Uber - to discuss the best p...

  • August 5, 2014
  • at 11:36 am
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Malaysian Business Angel Network launches, accredits angel investors for tax breaks

Cradle launches the Malaysian Business Angel Network, an umbrella body that would function like a trade organization, driving regional and i...

  • December 20, 2012
  • at 2:19 pm
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