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vm5 techcrunch beijing

Startup that lets you demo an app without downloading or installing wins gold at Techcrunch Beijing

VM5′s premiere product, AdPlay, virtualizes an app demo on mobile and desktop browser to let users stream a demo of an app without downloa...

  • August 12, 2014
  • at 8:40 pm
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Code Club wants to teach kids coding in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s school IT lessons turn students into secretaries, but Code Club wants to teach them coding instead

“Currently, ICT lessons in primary and secondary schools teach MS Office programs as default. Essentially they’re teaching child...

  • February 12, 2014
  • at 4:05 pm
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Should non-technical founders learn how to code?

Elisha Tan is the founder of Learnemy, a web application that finds you instructors for anything you want to learn. Find her on Twitter as @...

  • September 11, 2013
  • at 8:08 pm
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3 Tips For Tech Start-up Founders Who Can’t Code

Elisha Tan is the Founder of Learnemy, a web application that finds you instructors for anything you want to learn. The content of this post...

  • October 3, 2011
  • at 10:36 am
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Codementor, a startup that connects frustrated developers with live coding gurus, nabs $600K in seed funding

Codementor, a startup that connects developers stuck in a pickle with coding gurus, just closed a $600,000 seed funding round. Participants ...

  • March 24, 2014
  • at 11:06 pm
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Wanbiancheng can teach everyone in China how to make an app in 2 hours

Even though most of us don’t consider ourselves coders nor programmers, we could probably all benefit from a little more knowledge abo...

  • October 31, 2013
  • at 10:11 am
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Singpath Mobile: An iPad app for learning Python and Java

Singpath Mobile isn't a good entry point for absolute beginners to get into the world of programming. But it's a complementary tool.

  • November 5, 2012
  • at 11:48 am
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Fluxflex: GitHub-integrated Cloud Hosting, Starting at $1 Per Month

FluxFlex, a Tokyo- and San Jose SF-based (Just learned they had recently moved to SF’s co-working space pariSoma) tech start-up specia...

  • July 11, 2011
  • at 9:00 am
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