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Wada Will Spend $15 Million in 2013 to Beat Google in Vietnam

We’ve been hearing a lot from Vietnamese search engine CocCoc lately, especially with our recent meetup and interesting news about its...

  • May 30, 2013
  • at 5:00 pm
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Google Chromebooks launch in Singapore and Malaysia

Google Chromebooks Make Asia Debut in Singapore and Malaysia

If you’re living in Singapore or Malaysia and fancy spending over $300 on a glorified web browser, today is your lucky day. That’...

  • May 28, 2013
  • at 3:05 pm
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Corom browser

CocCoc Releases Corom And Enters the Browser Wars in Vietnam

In the quest to take down Google in Vietnam, CocCoc is stepping up its game once more with the release of a new browser called Corom this we...

  • May 16, 2013
  • at 4:00 pm
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vietnamese nude model

Vietnamese Nude Model Asks Google To Take Down Photos of Her Posing With A Monk

In university, I majored in history of religion and visual culture, so how can I resist writing about a story where a meditating monk took p...

  • May 10, 2013
  • at 1:30 pm
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Ho Chi Minh City Meetup: How CocCoc Plans To Take Down Google in Vietnam

Hey folks, Xin Chào Thành Phó Hồ Chí Minh! In case you’re wondering what that means, it’s actually “Hello Ho Chi Minh city!” A...

  • May 8, 2013
  • at 8:00 pm
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naver in vietnam

NHN Is Going Into Search In Vietnam

In Vietnam, the chat app battle is fearsome. Western competitors Whatsapp and Viber face serious opposition from Asian rivals like Line, Kak...

  • April 19, 2013
  • at 11:15 pm
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VNG Shutters Zing Video To Sidestep a Battle with Youtube

On the Alexa traffic rank, Zing Video is the fifth highest ranked site in Vietnam. But that number piggybacks on the strength of Zing Me, VN...

  • April 8, 2013
  • at 4:00 pm
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Google Street View car in Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone

Google Street View Ventures into Post-Quake, Off-Limits Fukushima Prefecture

A little more than two years after the colossal Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 2011, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has let its Street...

  • March 28, 2013
  • at 4:15 am
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86% of Chinese smartphones are Android

China Will Have 300 Million Android Users by the End of 2013 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Let’s start Monday morning with some big numbers. Now that smartphones account for 73.2 percent of all mobiles sold in China, and with man...

  • March 25, 2013
  • at 9:58 am
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3 Things Startups Can Learn From Reading ‘One Piece’ Manga

3 Things Startups Can Learn From Reading ‘One Piece’ Manga

These days there are so many theories of how to do a startup. There’s the Rocket Internet MBA-style, and then there’s the Lean Startup m...

  • May 30, 2013
  • at 10:00 am
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Is Online Content in Vietnam Actually a Wasteland? Let’s Look Deeper

Is Online Content in Vietnam Actually a Wasteland? Let’s Look Deeper.

Since I posted an article on HaiVL on Tuesday, it has raised eyebrows for two big reasons. First, the 9gag-like HaiVL community caught wind ...

  • May 17, 2013
  • at 4:00 pm
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google adsense vietnam

Online Advertising in Vietnam Just Got Way Better: Google AdSense Debuts In Vietnam

In Vietnam, one of the most popular models for internet companies and startups to make money in the consumer space is online marketing. It...

  • May 14, 2013
  • at 10:31 am
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Chester Roh: The Story of a Hacker-Turned-Entrepreneur Who Sold His Company to Google

Chester Roh (pictured) started his journey as an entrepreneur at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), a well-know...

  • May 10, 2013
  • at 9:30 am
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Sichuan quake resources online

Google, Baidu and Many Web Companies Set Up ‘People Finder’ Boards After Chinese Quake

Shortly after this weekend’s earthquake near the Chinese city of Ya’an in Sichuan province, which has so far claimed nearly 200 ...

  • April 22, 2013
  • at 3:57 pm
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PassedOn Connects You With Your Loved Ones Before You Kick The Bucket

We’re inundated with social media these days. I consider my friends who aren’t on Facebook lucky, they don’t have to deal with the ons...

  • April 12, 2013
  • at 2:00 pm
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China Should Be Worried About Google, Not Apple

When Google left China’s search market back in 2010, it seemed like an end to the company’s attempts to seriously engage with th...

  • April 1, 2013
  • at 9:00 am
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Chinese museum artifacts on Google Art Project

Ancient China is Now Online with Google Art Project

Google Art Project took off in 2011 with the aim to make the world’s great cultural artifacts viewable online. But mainland China has ...

  • March 25, 2013
  • at 3:54 pm
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Google's Eric Schmidt in Myanmar

Google Launches Search Engine in Myanmar as Schmidt Warns Against Web Censorship

Google’s search engine launched in Myanmar yesterday on the domain. It’s nothing special to look at, and it’...

  • March 22, 2013
  • at 4:07 pm
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