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Startup Genome ecosystem rankings 2012

The latest Startup Genome rankings are compiled using 40 variables and 8 indices. Read on for an explanation of what these indices mean. The table is interactive, so feel free to click around.

Startup output index: Total activity of entrepreneurship in the region, controlling for population size and the maturity of startups.

Funding index: How active and comprehensive the risk capital is in a startup ecosystem. Performance index: Total performance and performance potential of startups.

Performance index: Total performance and performance potential of startups.

Mindset index: Degree to which founders are visionary, resilient, with a high appetite for risk.

Trendsetter Index: The trendsetter index measures how quickly a startup ecosystem adopts new technologies, management processes, and business models. Where startup ecosystems that stay on the cutting edge are expected to perform better over time.

Support index: Quality support network, including mentorship, service providers and types of funding sources.

Talent index: Founders’ age, education, startup experience, industry domain expertise, ability to mitigate risk and previous startup success rate.

Differentiation Index: The differentiation index measures how different a startup ecosystem is to Silicon Valley, taking into account the demographics and what types of companies are started there.

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