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Sony CEO says company working on selling PlayStations in China

Government document says China is ready to lift ban on game consoles

Speaking at a Sony (NYSE:SNE) conference in Shanghai yesterday, CEO Kazuo Hirai said that Sony is working on bringing its game console business to China. That could result in the PlayStation being sold legally in China for the first time ever.

Kazuo Hirai said that Sony first needs to establish a reliable network of sales channels and service partners to support PlayStation sales. No further details – or a timeline – were given.

China’s 13-year ban on video game console sales was done to protect youngsters from distracting and violent gaming, yet in that time rather violent PC-based multiplayer online games became hugely popular. As we reported in September, the new Shanghai Free Trade zone gives companies more lee-way for gaming products, and console manufacturing is permissible in that zone.

Microsoft’s purported joint-venture project in the Shanghai Free Trade zone will see the Xbox maker produce a gaming and streaming entertainment device, but it might not bear the Xbox name. So it’s far from assured that whatever Sony sells will be a recognizable PlayStation.

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(Sources: Sina Tech; via Marbridge Daily)

(Editing by Paul Bischoff)

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