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Red Dot Ventures invests USD490k in The Stakeholder Management Company

red dot ventures tsc

A Singapore startup, The Stakeholder Management Company (TSC), has created an online platform that generates visualizations to untangle the complex web of stakeholder relationships. It has already been used by Fortune 500 companies like HP, Nokia, and Syngenta.

For these accomplishments, it has secured SGD600k (USD490k) in seed investments from Red Dot Ventures, a Singapore-based startup incubator that is part of NRF-TIS, a government-funded co-investment scheme. The development was announced on 26 November.

Founded by Terence Lyons in 2011, who was at Microsoft leading its global enterprise value marketing strategy and CSR engagement, TSC maps out issues affecting a company and the positions stakeholders are taking in it. It can then identify who the influencers are in the issue, and allow companies to engage them, all within one web platform.

red dot ventures tscIf, for example, a baby milk company wants to examine a controversy surrounding contaminated milk that is dragging down its reputation, it can use TSC to visualize who are the key people or organizations driving the conversation. It can even rate how prominent each influencer is.

This saves the milk company from manually trawling Google and social networks to keep tabs on the brewing media storm.

Once the key conversationalists and decision makers are identified, and this group can include the regulatory authorities, media personalities, and even rival milk companies, the platform allows the user to see a profile card of the influencer and proceed to engage them.

“This is CRM meets 6 degrees of separation meets big data issue mining. ” said Terence. “Essentially it’s your stakeholders relationship mapping on demand, cutting edge intel at your fingertips and it saves our customers literally years of building the right stakeholder network.”

The company’s investor, Red Dot Ventures, believes big businesses today are looking for intelligent and scalable way to manage complex stakeholder relationships. According to Leslie Loh, managing director at the firm, the company’s rapidly expanding client base influenced its decision to invest.

TSC had recently secured a contract with a big energy firm to help manage a multi-billion dollar infrastructure endeavor. Its platform has been deployed in various projects in Qatar, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, and Peru, in sectors like food, ICT, finance, oil, gas and mining.

It is the second company that Red Dot Ventures has funded in a month. On 7 November, it announced a SGD589k (USD480k) investment in Innova Technology, a Singapore startup whose flagship product Protag, a thin, card-like device, can prevent consumers from losing their wallets, bags, and other personal belongings.

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