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In the Philippines, drones are used for news reporting and rescue operations

UNTV using drones

Since last year we’ve been seeing how the purpose of drones has moved outside the confinements of the military. Some startups in Asia have created drones to take aerial photos and deliver food and other supplies. In the Philippines, UNTV, a broadcasting company, is going to use drones for news reporting.

The network reports that it has already used the drones for a number of news reports, including providing aerial video footage of areas hit by typhoon Haiyan, and even in daily traffic reporting.

UNTV CEO Daniel Razon says that using drones for news reporting is a trial for a greater purpose – rescue operations.

The Philippines is often hit by natural disasters, so Razon says the network is acquiring drones that can carry life buoys and water to affected areas. It’s also looking into underwater drones to aid in some kinds of rescue operations. He claims that they are first to use drones in reporting in the Philippines.

While UNTV is lagging behind broadcasting giants in the Philippines in terms of viewers, this hi-tech could bring in new viewers. Hopefully, it can also set the stage for more organizations in the country to consider using drones for disaster recovery measures.

Yugatech reports that the network’s drones appear to be Phantom ones, made by Hong-Kong-headquartered DJI.

(Source: Yugatech | Photo: UNTV Facebook Page)

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