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Get ready for Oppo’s eye-shredding 2k HD phone screen in 2014

Chinese phone-maker Oppo is trying to stand out from the global smartphone crowd with some unusual hardware. After building a swiveling camera for its recent Oppo N1 model, the company has revealed that its next flagship phone, called the Find 7, will have an eye-shredding 2k HD screen the likes of which you’ve never seen on any phone or mobile device.

Oppo says that the Find 7 will have a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 2560×1440, which makes for 538 pixels per inch. The iPhone 5, in contrast, manages 326 PPI. That’s a step above 1080p HD screens, which can be found on popular phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Xiaomi Mi3. (Hat-tip to AndroidBeat for spotting this).

2k HD screens – they could also be called WQHD, in contrast to 1080p’s FHD – are an inevitable progression in the specs war that Android phone-makers are engaged in so heatedly.

Earlier this year, Samsung said that it foresees 2k HD screens making up 60 percent of the market for screens by 2018. After that will come 4k HD screens, which can already be seen on very pricey 4k TVs.

Oppo’s teaser tweet (see below) also suggested that the upcoming Find 7 (it gave no timeline for the new phone) will feel like a 5-inch-screened device to hold, despite its 5.5-inch display. This implies that the bezel will be very narrow.

In other Oppo news, the long-awaited first CyanogenMod phone – which is basically an Oppo N1 with the CyanogenMod OS replacing Oppo’s own Android skin – is now available in limited numbers for $599.

(Editing by Josh Horwitz)

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