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Microsoft launches BizSpark Plus for investors and startups in Singapore

Microsoft announced on 1st March the launch of BizSpark Plus, a program for business investors and startups in Singapore.

This enhanced program allows investors to offer each of their startups up to US$60,000 worth of Microsoft Windows Azure cloud services over a two-year period. 

Battle Ventures and Stream Global are two of the organizations involved in the BizSpark Plus program. They were picked for their ability to impact the entrepreneurial community and “proven success” with early-stage startups.

BizSpark Plus is available to startups only through an invitation from the organisations

This initiative is an extension of the Microsoft BizSpark program, launch in Singapore in 2008. Over 500 companies in Singapore and 4,200 companies in Asia Pacific have benefited from BizSpark.

Said Jeffrey Paine, founder and CEO of Battle Ventures: “With the BizSpark Plus program, our start-ups have the opportunity to gain a head start to realize their business potential and toaccelerate their growth to the next level.”

The goal of the program is to help startups grow their business by offsetting cloud computing costs. This enables them to spend resources on solving businesses challenges, learning from their users, hiring more talent, and other aspects of their operations.

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