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Latest Startup Jobs – 1 Aug 2010

We Want You - Job Board - developers, programmers, designers, IT jobsIf you are reading SGEntrepreneurs, you are probably already partial to startups, perhaps having founded one yourself or are working in one.

If not, why not consider joining a dynamic startup to see for yourself what it is like working with just two other people in your entire company?

If you are looking for a job as a developer, programmer, or you want something in business development, sales, or perhaps you are a designer and looking for creative jobs, check out these newly listed open positions at these diverse startups.

  • Android Developer / Ninja at Seesmic
  • Flex Developer at Quantine

    (Both are Microsoft BizSpark startups!)

    From last week:

  • Sr. Embedded Software Engineer at Rapsodo
  • Web Development Intern at Intellectio

    Visit the portal for more job vacancies.

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    Image courtesy of arxetures, CC.

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