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Jobs At iSyndica


If you’re interested in joining a cloud computing startup, consider iSyndica. iSyndica is headquartered in the US and has offices in Singapore and Panama.

About iSyndica

iSyndica is a Cloud Computing start-up, founded by the core technology team that created a billion dollar ecommerce leader. We are currently developing the technology prototype of iSyndica’s Virtual Distribution Server (VDS), a cloud-based syndication server, operating on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

While iSyndica is principally an engineering team, we offer opportunities for MBA candidates in the center of Singapore, the heart of rising Asia.

iSyndica is headquartered in the United States.

Business Management Guru

General Business Development

We have ONE full-time opening for a business school grad, with an MBA from a top school, either graduated in 2008 or due to graduate summer of 2009. The key requirements:

Technical background and/or affinity
A genuine interest in commercializing a leading-edge technology
Highly credible in terms of marketing, distribution and business development
Able to contribute sweat equity, make meaningful effort to fit with our self-imposed, first-year team salary cap.

The architect – Windows systems specialist

Senior Systems-Architect

iSyndica’s VDS is build on top of Microsoft Windows Server and using Microsoft reliable SQL Server, .NET Framework and Information Server products. We need a smart and flexible systems architect to enhance and evolve our AWS EC2 based cloud-service for future needs of our SaaS platform.

You know the relevant bottle-necks and what it needs to squeeze performance and scalabilty out of virtual servers. Monitoring and Testing are good friends of yours and help you finding fast and simple solutions for complex problems.

You can’t wait to be part of a great team and to present us the evidence of your experience or high affinity to this topic.

MS SQL database professional

Senior Database-Engineer

Microsoft SQL Server is the brain of our VDS and we are searching for its neurologist. SQL is your second language, you know the strengths and weaknesses of the technology behind and you’re eager to build structures and procedures for large audiences. You are a team player and already got your hands on several medium/large scale databases.

No medical experience is needed.

Contact iSyndica.

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