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Jiepang Refreshes API, Allows Third Party App Check-in


She's happy with Jiepang's refreshed API .

Chinese location-based social network Jiepang recently refreshed its API, and it’s neater and more accessible now. Developers can now access Jiepang’s point-of-interest (POI) data categorized by type of location, for example KTV, restaurant, bookstore etc. You can check out the infographic below to understand more.

This brings a convenient resource for many app developers. For example, a new food app can now pull relevant data just from Jiepang’s restaurant section. It isn’t just the POI, but developers can also pull and display reviews and tips posted by Jiepang users.

Jiepang claims to have over two million POIs and the number is increasing at a rate of 14,000 per week. The total user count is at 3.3 million, as a Jiepang employee recently confirmed to me.

As one of the largest location-based players in China, the API update is very much welcomed by many developers in China. Some of the startups who are using the Jiepang’s API include Weico (a Sina Weibo client), Jiaoyin (a Path clone), and Camera 360 (a photo app).

Jiepang now also allows users on third-party apps to check-in on which potentially allows Jiepang users to have a ubiquitous check-in experience.


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