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20 of our hottest tech stories on Asia in the past week

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Missed out on the best Asia tech news from the past seven days? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our roundup of the week’s top stories, sorted by popularity.

1. Xiaomi launches new flagship smartphone (live blog)

Xiaomi reveals it sold 57.36 million phones in its first three years of operation today as the company launches a new flagship smartphone.

2. New Xiaomi Mi4 unveiled: here’s everything you need to know

Here are all the facts, stats, and specs – and a bunch of photos – on the Xiaomi Mi4 that was unveiled today.

3. StarHub’s crowdfunding site launches to the public; here are 5 of the best projects

Crowdtivate is a rewards-based crowdfunding site by StarHub where projects are selected by a team. The projects could receive further support from the telco.

4. What’s it like to be an attractive woman in tech? GrabTaxi executive and runway model explains

GrabTaxi executive and part-time model Natasha Bautista shares what it’s like to be an attractive woman in tech.

5. A digital frame that displays custom fine art is killing it on Kickstarter

Framed is more than a high-end digital art frame – it’s the vehicle for an online digital artwork marketplace.

6. Pick up your pickaxes and headlamps: here’s how Bitcoin mining works

If you’re new to Bitcoin mining, here’s a guide that explains how it works and how you can get going.

7. Hands-on with the new Xiaomi Mi 4 (VIDEO)

Xiaomi’s new flagship phone, the Mi 4, was revealed in Beijing yesterday, and Tech in Asia was on site to get a hands-on demo.

8. Line launches ‘hidden chat’ to do what Facebook couldn’t – kill Snapchat

“Hidden Chat” allows the user to have private chats with friends which will be automatically deleted within one minute.

9. Looking for funding in India? Here are 10 investors you should meet

Who are the early bird investors making big bets on Indian startups? 500 Startups tops the list, followed by Blume Ventures, Accel Partners, and Kalaari Capital

10. 10 of Indonesia’s most active venture capital firms

Investors are quick to show interest in Indonesia, but very few actually decide to jump in with both feet, as the country poses a high risk, high reward value proposition. Nevermind the buzzwords and stats that get thrown around about Indonesia by the global investment community.

11. Alibaba has a second attempt at making a social network

Ecommerce titan Alibaba has a new social network. It’s a sort of Instagram that’s based around tagging brand names that appear in your photos.

12. Singapore incubator Fatfish Internet raises $3.2M, will list in Australia

Fatfish calls itself an “internet ventures accelerator”. It acts as a strategic investor in companies by providing funding, network, and resources to increase the growth of their businesses.

13. Silicon Valley coder wants to defend Indonesia’s democracy with election vote counter and neat data visualizations

This website wants to act as API to the presidential election counting needs in Indonesia.

14. Flipkart, India’s largest online retailer, raises $1 billion in fresh funds

India’s ecommerce poster-boy Flipkart has raised over US$1 billion, and the announcement on this will be made in a week’s time, The Economic Times reported.

15. Tencent drops $3.2M on the company it hopes can be the Uber of laundry in China

Submitting an order from Edaixi’s website, native app, or WeChat account will dispatch a courier to pick up the laundry and bring it back clean within 72 hours.

16. The cat facial recognition startup is real, and they’re totally serious about reading cat faces

Startups in consumer tech love solving first-world problems, and crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and are playgrounds for high-tech products of dubious utility. Startups making remote controls for remote controls, smart kegel trainers, and sleep-optimizing LED lamps will regularly grace the pages of Indiegogo, and Kickstarter’s front page makes for great mindless entertainment alongside BuzzFeed and Reddit.

17. Facebook hits new milestone, now makes an average of $1 from each of its 410 million active users in Asia

The newest Q2 2014 earnings release from Facebook shows yet more strong growth for the social network in Asia.

18. Tesla rival? Japan’s coolest electric sports car is ready to roll

Japanese startup GLM partners with racing car manufacturer TommyKaira to create electronic sports cars.

19. Apa kabar Indonesia! Startup Asia Jakarta is heading your way!

Indonesia’s biggest tech startup conference is now back for its third edition in the capital city of Jakarta.

20. Xiaomi’s first batch of Mi3 phones in India sell out in 38 minutes

Earlier this afternoon, China-based phonemaker Xiaomi announced the end of its first-ever flash sale in India. According to a Facebook post, a batch of the company’s high-end Mi3 devices, retailing at RS13999 (about US$230) sold out in 38 minutes.

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