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20 of our hottest tech stories on Asia in the past week

SOTW - weekend reading

Missed out on the best Asia tech news from the past seven days? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our roundup of the week’s top stories, sorted by popularity.

1. 10 women entrepreneurs in India who smashed the glass ceiling

Tech is still largely a man’s world, but more and more women in India are turning technopreneurs. Here’s a look at 10 change-makers in the tech startup scene.

2. Dear tech media, enough with the manufactured drama about Xiaomi

Xiaomi unveils the MIUI 6. Tech media loses their minds. Just what went wrong?

3. Only one of Japan’s top executives is female – and she’s not even Japanese

Gender equality continues to be a point of contention in Japan, where only seven percent of women make it into senior management.

4. Indonesian government wants to ban Uber

Uber has gotten itself in trouble again when it comes to local laws. This time in Jakarta.

5. Five Indonesian tech products only locals can appreciate

The past century hasn’t been an easy road for Indonesia. Since the liberation from the Japanese in 1945, and through the rise and fall of the oppressive Soeharto regime (lasting for nearly three decades), Indonesians as a people have learned to “suck it up and soldier on” so to say.

6. Easy Taxi muscles into corporations, makes Comfort more uncomfortable

Easy Taxi isn’t just content with tackling the consumer space. It’s taking the fight to Comfort by getting corporate customers too.

7. Why fast food giant Jollibee’s IT mishap is a blessing in disguise

A look at how the largest fast food chain in the Philippines increased its brand support through the operational disaster that led to #ChickenSad.

8. 13 startups in Asia that caught our eye

Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week.

9. 12 of China’s hottest hardware startups

We’ve all heard of Nest, Oculus Rift, Pebble, Dropcam, and SmartThings – but what are the hottest hardware startups coming out of China?

10. China’s top tech CEOs join in on ‘ice bucket challenge’ craze for ALS

Youku CEO Victor Koo and OnePlus founder Liu Zuohu have already completed the challenge and kicked off the trend among the other Chinese tech CEOs.

11. Wearable tech made by women for women

“The only way to speak to women is to make sure their voice is integrated into the product, from concept through completion,” says Elemoon founder Jing Zhou.

12. How one startup raised money on a beach and how you can, too

Zipmatch was one of the startups that got funded through Geeks on a Beach, and CEO John Dang offers advice on how other entrepreneurs can do the same.

13. Throw away those selfie sticks – this app can help you nail the perfect photo

Gear2Cam is an Android app that connects your Android smartphone and Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch to compose and snap the perfect selfie.

14. Singapore’s Accreditation@IDA: skip it if you’re a startup

While Accreditation@IDA is a Singapore government scheme that purports to help startups, it’s not well-designed.

15. Personalization-as-a-service is the new thing in ecommerce

Predictry, Linkcious, and TargetingMantra. What these startups have in common is that they’re offering personalization-as-a-service to ecommerce companies.

16. In the startup world, personality types can become a prison

Introvert or extrovert – does it really matter to your chances of success as an entrepreneur?

17. Doctor consultation app gets China’s biggest ever investment in a healthcare startup

Founded in 2011, Chunyu now has 30 million active users consulting with 40,000 online doctors about 50,000 daily health issues.

18. More payment startups in Southeast Asia: Thailand’s Omise gets $300k from East Ventures

Plenty of startups want to disrupt payments in Southeast Asia. Omise is trying too.

19. Ruangguru wants to overhaul online-to-offline education in Indonesia, gets funding from East Ventures

Belva Devara (left) and Iman Usman (right), co-founders of Ruangguru. The co-founders of Ruangguru are some of the youngest entrepreneurs in Jakarta. But at 24 and 23 years old respectively, Belva Devara and Iman Usman have already traveled the world to arrive at their latest venture.

20. Making Satoshi proud: This Bitcoin umbrella firm has released six companies in three months

An umbrella company for Bitcoin ventures in the Philippines has already released six of them, and they show no signs of slowing.

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