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Have Your Own PR News Room With MyNewsDesk

Swedish news exchange site, Mynewsdesk has opened its first office outside Europe and its first in Asia. Founded in 2003 and acquired by media giant NHST in 2008, Mynewsdesk enables startups to have “a modern PR service to better connect with journalists and key opinion leaders”.

The company serves more than 23,000 companies and has seen success across northern Europe with offices in their home country, Sweden, as well as in Denmark, Norway and Finland. Last year saw revenues of 50M SEK (USD 8M / SGD 10M). After Singapore, Mynewsdesk launched its London (UK office) last week and plans to open one in the US (most likely NY).

From their website, this is what they do:

“All news releases and other PR materials are stored in an online social media newsroom. The information are optimized for top search-engine rankings on Google and other major search engines. It’s then instantly synced and uploaded to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and WordPress – a time-saver, since you can publish all your material in the same place. At the same time, the press material is distributed to journalists and other influencers who have requested to receive updates in their topics of interest.”

For a video introduction:

Startups and brands can have a Mynewsdesk-hosted newsroom or your own hosted newsroom. Interested companies should contact Johan, the Singapore Country Manager for Mynewsdesk.

Journalists can use Mynewsdesk to follow companies and startups for free.

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