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Gimmie gives you real rewards for playing mobile games

While jargon like CPM and impressions have been a staple of mobile advertising, the space is ripe for more groundbreaking innovation.

After all, banner ads are just miniature-sized billboards — a remnant from the pre-digital era — taking up precious screen real estate.

Startups like Gimmie hope to shake things up. Instead of annoying gamers with flashy ads that they’ll skip through anyway, the company enables developers to offer real rewards to players in exchange for in-game achievements, using either an API or SDK. Developers can pick the white label option as well.

Gimme was a finalist at Echelon 2012 Launchpad, a pitch competition. Founded by CEO David Ng and Roy Liu, a former lead developer at PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies, the firm echoes the approach taken by Kiip, headed by Brian Wong, who was a speaker at the conference.

Gimmie's in-app store

The difference between Gimme and Kipp though is that while Kipp focuses on the ‘moment’ where users complete an achievement, Gimme rewards users for a variety of actions with Gimmiepoints, which they can then exchange for rewards.

Gimmie is free for developers, but they’ll have to fork out a fee if they want custom white label integration. The founders claim that by using their product, mobile games can see better engagement and chalk up more in-app purchases.

Merchants, meanwhile, sponsor coupons as rewards. They are able to target specific demographics by picking the apps they want to work with.

Gimmie has an eye on Asia, and as such has situated most of their team members in China and Singapore. Brazil is a focus for them as well: They’re already generating revenue in the country, and working on partnerships with handset companies.

They have raised US$200k from lead investor Tandem, a mobile industry incubator in Silicon Valley.

Gimmie was a finalist at Echelon 2012 Launchpad. Organized by tech blog e27 for the third year running, Echelon 2012 is a key startup launchpad in Asia with over 1,100 delegates in attendance and 50 startups exhibiting in the Marketplace. Check out SGE’s coverage of the event.

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