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Failstock – 1 Day Of Ideas & Cross-Pollination

This Saturday, on the 18th of August 2012, a bunch of folks will be gathering at the National Youth Council Building for an un-conference to discuss a topic that’s more taboo than sex in Singapore society.

It’s about Failure.

If you have a thought-provoking, fresh, or radical idea on failure, join us! We’d love for you to participate in – or better still – lead a discussion on it.

The un-conference will be divided into AM and PM sessions, which you can choose from, with a common lunch break in between. If you would like to join us, let us know. Since we are keeping the group small, spots will be confirmed via email.

We already have three topics for the breakout sessions:

1. How do organizations and groups (as opposed to individuals) cope with failure, and how do we make them better at coping with failure?

2. How do Taibi Kahler’s drivers relate to failure?

3. Them mistakes: Why is it so dang difficult to internalise and learn from them? (AKA: why do smart people keep making stupid mistakes)

Come make this epic #fail unconference, well, epic!

1000 – 1230 AM unconference breakouts + large group sharing
1230 – 1330 Cross-pollination lunch for both AM & PM sessions
1330 – 1600 PM unconference (same format as AM)

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