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Dropmyemail Business launched; backs up corporate emails

Dropmyemail now has a new product — called Dropmyemail Business — that lets companies control and backup their corporate email accounts.

Announced on 21 November via a press release, the product is designed to protect against disgruntled employees deleting vital documents, accidental email deletions, server crashes, and more.

“There is immense potential in the business of backing up emails. There is an even bigger opportunity in managing these cloud-based emails effectively, ” says John Fearon, CEO and founder of Dropmyemail.

The Radicati Group has predicted that the number of corporate email accounts could surpass that of personal email to reach the 1 billion mark by 2015.

Like its consumer oriented cousin, Dropmyemail will feature one-click migration and restoration, as well as a file manager to handle attachments and uploads.

Dropmyemail will also have some enterprise-specific features, including:

  • ability to manage multiple email accounts, with each serving different roles like admin and user.
  • reporting and auditing feature to manage email usage.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for backing up emails, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for encryption.
  • unlimited storage

The company is moving beyond just safekeeping emails. “We will be working with various partners on backing up more communication sources besides email in the future” says Fearon.

Dropymyemail has been serving SMEs for quite a while now. The difference is that their previous enterprise offering had a cap of 50GB and no role differentiation for user accounts.

The company will also be unveiling a new partnership by next month. More details soon.

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