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5 must-read tech stories in China this week

CTW - China tech news this week
Xiaomi’s highs and lows, Alibaba accuses WeChat of selling counterfeit goods, Chinese online attack traffic falls to the number two global spot, and BlackBerry might have a new sugar daddy. Here’s this week’s top news from China.

1. Lei Jun to international media: Don’t call me the Steve Jobs of China

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun goes on a rant about his perception in the media, a move that will likely harm how the media perceives him.

2. Online pre-orders for the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone and MITV sell out in under 2 minutes

It seems Lei Jun didn’t have much to complain about. Xiaomi sold 100,000 units of its new flagship phone in less than two minutes and 3,000 smart TVs in one minute.

3. Report: Indonesia overtakes China as world’s biggest source of online attacks

China didn’t really get much better; Indonesia just got a whole lot worse, according to Akamai’s State of the Internet report.

4. China’s Lenovo signals interest in buying BlackBerry

BlackBerry can add Lenovo to its list of potential bidders. The two companies signed a non-disclosure agreement that will let Lenovo take a peek at BlackBerry’s financial books.

5. Pot calling the kettle black? Alibaba’s Alipay says WeChat is full of counterfeit items

Chen Dawei, the head of Alibaba’s financial research institute, added that while Alipay has been doing e-payments securely for a decade, WeChat’s payment system is unsafe because everything is bound to the same account and thus easy to steal.

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