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From SGE team, we congratulate (1) the Tech65 team for winning the best podcast/videocast award from the 2nd anniversary Ping.SG awards. Our friends at Tech65 start their weekly podcast on the following issues that dominated the tech landscape last week: (2) Shoutout to Singapore GarageBand Meetup, (3) E3 Round up – (a) (i) New Dashboard for xBox360, (ii) Portal : Still Alive on XBLA, (iii) Play Without your Disk, (iv) Access Live Marketplace remotely from your Browser (v) Finally Final Fantasy XIII comes to xBox360 and (vi) Microsoft Lips, (b) Wii – (i) Wii Speak, (ii) WiiMote Motion Plus, (iii) GTA for Nintendo DS, (iv) Guitar Hero : On Tour Sequel for Nintendo DS (v) Wii music, (c) PS2 BundleThe 256-player MAG, (4) Starwars : The Force Unleashed for the iPhone, (5) The Intel Centrino 2.0 launched in Singapore, (6) Apple says turn-by-turn GPS coming to iPhone, copy / paste not a high priority, (7) Apple files suit against Psystar for copyright infringement, mellow-harshing, (8) MIT opens new ‘window’ on solar energy, (9) Hands-On With the Voodoo Envy’s Instant-On OS, and finally, Byte of the Week : Google Gears.

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