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3 Key Things for the BlackBerry 10 that every Developer should know

As an application developer, whether you have decided to invest time and effort on the BlackBerry 10 operating system or still considering, these are the key information you need to know (and maybe it will convince you the BlackBerry 10 is worth your attention).

1. Built for BlackBerry program

The Built for BlackBerry program subjects your application to additional testing and evaluation beyond the standard BlackBerry App World (now BlackBerry World) Vetting criteria.

One key benefit of getting Built for BlackBerry approval is that applications will appear in BlackBerry App World (now BlackBerry World) with the Built for BlackBerry logo, increasing their visibility to users and signifying a higher level of quality.

Another key benefit is eligibility for the 10k Developer Commitment.

2. 10k Developer Commitment

The 10k Developer Commitment is RIM’s display of confidence in the ecosystem to benefit application developers. If an application has attained Built for BlackBerry status, RIM will, under certain conditions, pay the developer the difference between the application’s earnings and $10,000 USD.

To qualify:

  • Vendors must read and agree to the 10k Developer Commitment Terms and Conditions.
  • Vendors are invited to submit multiple apps for the Built for BlackBerry designation but there is a limit of one (1) payout per Vendor.
  • Apps must remain available for sale on BlackBerry App World with the Built for BlackBerry.
  • For vendors with multiple Built for BlackBerry apps, the app that becomes eligible for the 10k Developer Commitment is the one that earns $1,000 USD first.
  • Apps must have at least 100 unique downloads over the 12 month period.
  • The 10k Developer Commitment is a limited-funds offer and will continue only until the $10 million fund pool is exhausted. Funds will be distributed in order of priority based on the date upon which they reached $1,000 USD in earnings.
  • Apps funded by RIM are not eligible for the 10k Developer Commitment.

The very important fine print:

  1. A maximum of USD10,000,000will be distributed under this Offer. Limit one (1) payout per Vendor. Twelve month period to be determined by RIM.
  2. “Earns” refers to the amount that consumers pay for both paid downloads and in-app payments using BlackBerry Payment Service less any refunds and less applicable taxes included in the amount consumers pay, multiplied by the proportion of sales owing to the Vendor as defined by the Vendor Agreement. “Earns” does not include any advertising revenue.
  3. Any Apps submitted for BlackBerry App World Approval after January 11th 2013 may not be approved in time to meet the Built for BlackBerry Submission Deadline. In such a case, RIM will not be responsible if a Participant is not eligible to participate in the Offer.

If in any doubt, see the Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Remember, your application needs to be approved for the BlackBerry App World (now BlackBerry World) before submission for the Built for BlackBerry program and the 10k Developer Commitment.

3. BlackBerry Got Game Port-a-Thon live events.

BlackBerry is making a strong push to get the most number of applications for a first generation OS into the BlackBerry App World (now BlackBerry World) storefront before the global launch of BlackBerry 10 on 30th January 2013.

A key part of that push are events like the Got Game Port-a-thons.

These are the reasons why you should take part:

Get onsite rewards when you port and build on BlackBerry 10:

• Successfully port a game app onsite, and receive a BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet
(limit to one per vendor ID)
• Top Arcade, Puzzle and Action games ported onsite receive one BlackBerry® DevAlpha™ device each

Get rewards with submission of App World approved game apps:

• Get a game app approved on App World, and receive USD$100 for every eligible app for up to 20 apps
• Be the first ten for your city to get at least 5 and up to 10 game apps approved on App World, and receive a BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha device
• Be the first for your city to get >10 game apps approved on App World, and get a paid trip to BlackBerry Jam Europe on top of the above rewards!

Get featured on BlackBerry App World:

• All successfully ported and approved games will get one (1) week of App World Marketing across APAC, Middle East and Africa, where applicable.
• All vendors who submit more than 5 games will get an exclusive marketing feature where games would be showcased under a partner branded or co branded banner on App World for 1 week across APAC, Middle East and Africa, where applicable.

Refer to the event’s page for further details.

Got Game Port-a-thons will be held on the following dates:

5 Dec – Sydney, Australia
6 Dec – Singapore
10 Dec – Bandung, Indonesia
12 Dec – Hyderabad, India
14 Dec – Mumbai, India
22 Dec – Hong Kong

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